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Analysis of Sabahattin Ali's "Swallows" Story in Terms of "Appearances of Coherence"

Textlinguistics is a linguistic discipline focused on the distinction between text and non-text. Textlinguistics, which examines the levels and regularities in the production and reception of texts, tries to detect structural, logical and semantic patterns between utterances, which are considered as units larger than sentences. Beaugrande and Dressler accepted “cohesion” and “coherence” as basic text-centered textuality criteria in their joint works, Introduction to text linguistics (1996). Although cohesion can be seen in the surface structure of the text through various language relations and elements; Coherence refers to the logical and semantic connections in the deep structure of the text. While cohesion refers to the verbal structure of a text; Conherence refers to the conceptual relationships created in this verbal structure. In this study, which is a textlinguistic study; It is aimed to reveal the appearances of coherence reflecting the large-scale structure of Sabahattin Ali’s story “The Swallows” written in an allegorical-didactic style. In the study, which is a descriptive study, statistical data obtained through the “Cibakaya 2.3” index program was used. With the analysis, it has been concluded that the diversity and depth determined in the coherence aspects of the story in question are important in terms of reflecting Sabahattin Ali’s rich conceptual world.


Textuality, cohesion, coherence, text producer, text decoder


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