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An Evaluation on Terms of Lexicography

The term is the basis of the scientific development process. The term plays an important role both in ensuring the exchange of ideas between researchers and in transforming the data obtained in this exchange into information. In this study, the research field that has been in the last approximately sixty years of the dictionary concept, which has a history of thousands of years, is lexicography will discuss term usage characteristics. The division of lexicography into art, profession, and science branches in the development stage has led to the augmentation of terms used in the field. The remarkable point here is that in lexicography, more than one term use in response to a concept. In other words, there is a terminological overabundance. Moreover, this problem is valid not only for Turkish but also for almost every language in which has lexicographic studies. This study, starting with the term lexicography, which names the field, terms belonging to the branches of lexicography, and the terms macrostructure, microstructure, entry, and headword, which constitute discussions in the field, examine their usage characteristics in the literature. In the last section, the general view of the terms in Turkish lexicography studies discuss, and suggestions offer about the term problems, especially terminological overabundance.


Lexicography, terminology, dictionary, term, terminological overabundance


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