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The Interface of Lexicography and Sociolinguistics

Contrary to common belief, a dictionary is not a one-dimensional reference source with only linguistic features. Considering the relationship between language and society, it is possible to go beyond defining dictionaries as linguistic resources consisting of word lists and to define them as social resources. It can be said that the interface of lexicography-society linguistics includes more than one intersection point within the framework of language and society relationship that can take place in various forms. In this study, firstly, the representation of social classes in dictionaries in the context of the lexicography-social stratification relationship, which can be characterized by the academic tradition, is given, then it is mentioned how dictionaries, which play an important role in the construction of national identity, can be interpreted in the context of language policies. The relationship between lexicography and globalization was discussed in the context of global language conception, and the relationship between lexicography and culture was questioned in the focus of language anisomorphism. The four dimensions of the lexicography-sociolinguistics interface, which is handled with an interdisciplinary perspective, showed that the relationship between dictionary and society emerged in different forms. Although it is not possible to reach a complete and perfect dictionary, the increase in sociolinguistic-oriented lexicography research in the literature has a great importance in terms of the representation of society and language in dictionaries.


Lexicography, sociolinguistics, social stratification, language policies, globalization, culture.


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